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We are reaching the end of the Global AI Bootcamp 2022, and we’d like to introduce you to organizers from all over the world to learn more about their events: who are they and what content (did) they provide? In 6 different episodes (and timezones) we’ll focus on specific regions, and like the bootcamp, we’ll go around the world to connect to everyone.

The Global AI Bootcamp is a series of free one-day events organized across the world by local communities that are passionate about artificial intelligence on Microsoft Azure. Check out the official Global AI Bootcamp website, for more information and an overview of all the events.

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Keynote Speakers

In every episode we welcome a keynote speaker from Microsoft.

Derek Legenzoff he/him

Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft

Amira Youssef She/Her

Principal Program Manager @ Microsoft

Mehrnoosh Sameki She/Her

Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft

Neta Haiby

Group Product Manager Azure AI @ Microsoft

Anand Raman

Director of Program Management | AI & Search @ Microsoft

Sabrina Smai

Sabrina is a Product Manager at Microsoft



Profile image for Sabrina Smai Sabrina Smai

Profile image for Akanksha Malik Akanksha Malik

Profile image for Anupama Natarajan Anupama Natarajan

Profile image for Derek Legenzoff Derek Legenzoff

Profile image for Hassan Fadili Hassan Fadili

Profile image for Zakiya Buhora Zakiya Buhora

Profile image for Amira Youssef Amira Youssef

Profile image for Patricio Cofre Patricio Cofre

Profile image for Luis Beltrán Luis Beltrán

Profile image for Neta Haiby Neta Haiby

Profile image for Ron Dagdag Ron Dagdag

Profile image for Ehsan Eskandari Ehsan Eskandari

Profile image for Anand Raman Anand Raman

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Profile image for Ning Chen Ning Chen

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Profile image for Terry McCann Terry McCann


Meet the Global AI Bootcamp organizers from around the world.

Akanksha Malik She/Her

Microsoft AI MVP

Alyona Galyeva she/her

Principal Data&AI Engineer at LINKIT

Anupama Natarajan She/Her

Data, Analytics and AI Consultant

Ehsan Eskandari He/Him

Senior Azure Principal Engineer and Microsoft Azure MVP

Hassan Fadili

Kasam Ahmed Shaikh He/Him

Cloud Evangelist with Capgemini

Luis Beltrán He/Him

Microsoft MVP in AI

Ning Chen

Patricio Cofre

Microsoft MVP and RD

Terry McCann He/Him

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence MVP

Ron Dagdag He/him

Software artisan


Behind the Scenes Down Under


Learn about PyTorch on Azure Machine Learning and join us in a friendly chat with organizers from Australia and New Zealand. ...

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Sabrina Smai Akanksha Malik Anupama Natarajan

Behind the Scenes Africa


Learn about Semantic Search on Azure and join us in a friendly chat with organizers from Morocco and Mauritius. ...

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Derek Legenzoff Hassan Fadili Zakiya Buhora

Behind the Scenes South America


Learn about the Azure Percept devices and join us in a friendly chat with organizers from Chili and Mexico. ...

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Amira Youssef Patricio Cofre  Luis Beltrán

Behind the Scenes North America


Learn about Document Processing on Azure devices and join us in a friendly chat with organizers from Canada and the USA. ...

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Neta Haiby Ron Dagdag Ehsan Eskandari

Behind the Scenes Asia


Learn about the Azure Cognitive services and join us in a friendly chat with organizers from India and Taiwan. ...

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Anand Raman Kasam Ahmed Shaikh Ning Chen

Behind the Scenes Europe


Learn about the responsible AI Dashboard and join us in a friendly chat with organizers from the UK and the Netherlands. ...

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Mehrnoosh Sameki Alyona Galyeva Terry McCann

Meet your hosts

Sjoukje Zaal She/Her

CTO at Capgemini

Sammy Deprez He/Him

Senior consultant in the data & AI

Stacy Cashmore She/Her

Microsoft MVP

Henk Boelman

Cloud advocate @ Microsoft